Make Your Own Candles For Fun Or Profit

There is a huge advantage in learning how to make your own candles. You can give them away as nice gifts or use them for yourself. If you make scented candles they add a beautiful fragrance to a room. You can use them at the dinner table to create a romantic atmosphere. Some people like to take a relaxing bubble bath at night and instead of using the harsh bathroom lights use the soft light of a candle.

You can make your own candles as an inexpensive hobby right in your own house and keep it as a hobby or very easily convert it into business. And even continue doing it out of your house. How nice is that, an additional source of income with no additional overhead? Also candle making is extremely easy. You can leave your house to go to the craft store and buy all the supplies necessary and literally have your own candles made in just a few short hours (from the time you leave the house). There’s not a big learning curve for it and there are only 4 components that make up a candle:


The only other thing you will need from the craft store is your candle molds. Although you don’t even need those you can start out using empty jars, like jam jars, or even a coffee cup or a class for “container” candles.

You melt your wax in a double boiler which is: you put water in a big pot and put your solid wax in a smaller pot and place the smaller pot in the water of the big pot. Heat up the water to melt the wax. This distributes the heat around the smaller pot as opposed to putting it on the direct flame which could burn your wax.

There are many waxes to choose from many people start with paraffin because it burns clean and is odorless and easy to work with and is fairly inexpensive. If you want scent or a colored dye you can buy those or you can use some naturally scented candles. Beeswax can be white or yellow and has its own natural sweet scent also bayberry candles are green and have their own natural sweet fragrance. Beeswax and bayberry are more expensive.

You place one end of your wick in the center of the bottom of the jar (or mold) (it is necessary to clue it to the center) and bend the other end over the top edge of the jar, pour in your wax and then center the wick in the top of the jar. Place a pencil or a pop cycle stick across the top of the jar and bend the wick over this to hold the wick in place. Let it cool and you have your candle(s).

It’s so easy and inexpensive to make your own candles and turn it into a money making business I can’t believe I’m sharing this money making secret with everybody, but I am and I’m very happy to do it. I hope you appreciate my unbounded generosity (HA).

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