Soy Candle Making Supplies

In this article we discuss what is needed in the way of soy candle making supplies and then how to make soy candles.

Soy wax is a popular wax for making candles because it works best for scented candles. If filling you room with a wonderful fragrance sounds good to you go to your local craft shop and buy the following soy candle making supplies. Get a paint stir stick for stirring your melted soy wax or you can use a long wooden spoon. Get your soy wax, it comes in flakes. Get a spool of wick and get some wick tabs. A good wick is the eco 14, it gives a complete clean burn. You thread your wick through the wick tab until you get to the bottom end of your wick and then you pinch the collar around the wick to hold it in place. Get a glue dot which is a sticky little dot that you put on the bottom of your wick tab. You place this in the center of the bottom of your mold so it won’t go off center when you pour in your wax. Get some molds.

You will need what’s called a candy thermometer. You can use for melting pots any of the pots you have at home but if you really want to do it right get a pouring container they are only about $10 and they are perfect for melting and pouring wax. You can use a pop sickle stick to hold the wick centered at the top of the mold or get a wick bar for best results.

You can get warning labels that give instructions on how to burn candles safely. These are good to put on the candles if you will be giving them away as gifts or selling them. You can measure the amount of wax with a measuring cup but it is best if you weigh them so get a postal scale or kitchen scale. But a 16 ounce candle is about 5 cups of wax or 16 ounces of wax. It will be more accurate to weigh it.

Get a beautifully colored dye and finally get some scent. They have many fragrances to choose from including a flavor called “sex on the beach” of all things. Maybe it will be the right scent for setting a certain mood this weekend.

Now that you have all of your soy candle making supplies we need to know how to make soy candles. Put your soy wax chips in a pot and heat on low-medium until it is around 185 degrees stirring throughout the melting process with your wooden spoon. Add your colored dye and your scented oil and stir in thoroughly.

Place your wick through the wick tab and place your glue dot on the bottom the tab and glue it to the center bottom of your mold. When your soy wax cools down to about 135 degrees pour it into the mold. Now center the wick in the top of the mold and hold it in place by placing a pop cycle stick across the top of the mold and bending the wick over the stick.

Give the wax a few hours too cool until it is room temperature and hard and then remove from the mold and you have a beautiful scented soy candle. Soy candles have a nice shinny sheen to them. Go ahead and light it and fill your room with a real nice scent.

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